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Remote Worker, break the chain

The Office-Bound Past

The old paradigm said "source your workforce in your city or town," but you are limited to those who live within a reasonable commuting distance to your locale.

The old model said, "out of sight equals bad behavior, don't trust your workforce," but that mindset suggests there is no reasonable means to build trust, improve oversight and encourage excellent work-from-home behavior.

The German language has this one word Fleißig that so brilliantly encompasses all the ideal traits of a remote worker. This word encompasses all the desirable traits or ethics of the ideal remote worker: busy, diligent, engaged, hard-working, industrious, occupied, studious, and zealous.

Our aim is to enable you to access a larger pool of experienced and skilled workers, to help you activate a dutiful, experienced, hard-working, skilled workforce, with the tools they need to work effectively, and the tools you need to efficiently govern productivity.

A Liberated Future

The new way forward says, "Recruit the best and brightest you can find, wherever they are."

The new way forward says, "trust, but monitor," all while recruiting for, coaching into, and encouraging a busy, diligent, engaged, hard-working, industrious, occupied, studious, and zealous work ethic.

The new way forward says "liberate your company by liberating your workforce."

Are you ready for some liberty?

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