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Locale Limits Talent

A small talent pool means limited choice.
Why not widen the pool and attract superstar talent?

Exceptional Remote Teams Requires Exceptional Tools

A remote team isn't as simple as everyone at home with a mobile phone and a laptop. It requires a platform tuned to manage the complexities and nuances of a remote workforce.

So what exactly does HomeDesk do?

Whether we’re facing a nation-wide work-from-home mandate, or any normal day, HomeDesk brings together the key elements of a successful remote workforce—a technology platform, a remote worker monitoring suite, and skilled service agents. HomeDesk redefines the remote workforce.

We offer the following choices...

What makes us a great choice?

We've logged thousands of remote worker hours. We've pushed our management and monitoring platform to extreme limits. We've recruited high-end remote worker talent, managing them remotely and effectively for years.

...and, we've even done it for one of the largest software companies in the world.

Reproduced Competency

We’ve done this for one of the biggest, most demanding, and most respected consumer and commercial software companies on the planet. why not for you?