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How it works

As technology has evolved so have the demands of high-value IT talent. They want more of a work-life balance, including custom-designed work options. The way we work is evolving.  Organizations that want access to top talent need the expertise and governance to deploy and manage a distributed workforce effectively. That is where HomeDesk hits the mark.

Experis Solutions has reimagined a new work-from-home, distributed, IT workforce model, to strategically move beyond the "captive centers" of the past to the remotely allocated IT "homeworker" of the future.

Quick Start Assessment

Time is often of the essence with IT projects. Our proprietary assessment process helps us quickly understand a client’s requirements as well as the scope of work for a project.

Onboarding and Transition Management

We work closely with your team to ensure a smooth transition of support for your environment. Distributed workforces experience different issues and challenges than in-office workers. Together, we define an onboarding process that’s efficient and thorough.

Performance Optimization and Continuous Improvement

We fine-tune the environments and implement continuous improvement measures. Over years of managing large-scale remote-work teams, we have designed and implemented feedback and monitoring programs to ensure remote workers get the resources and input they need to be successful.

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